Tell The Truth Teach The Truth

Tell The Truth Teach The Truth

America, it’s time to tell the truth and teach the truth about Black history.

American history education, and more specifically Black history education, has failed  to meet the societal challenges of the moment. Incomplete state social studies standards and inaccurate history textbooks, along with culturally insensitive teaching methods, have allowed for generational perpetuation of misinformation and racist stereotypes about Black people. This has fueled the ignorance, hatred and racism our nation continues to struggle with today. This educational malpractice has done a major disservice to all students and severe damage to Black students.

Racism and politics have no place in Black history curriculum. Racist politicians should not be in charge of determining what is taught in Black history curriculum. It is time that we created our own Black history curriculum.

Your t-shirt purchase will help us fund our movement to tell the truth and teach the truth about Black history.

  • Proceeds benefit FunkEntelechy Inc., our non-profit partner, in support of their mission to change the way Black history is taught in the U.S. and develop truthful Black history curriculum 
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